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'Global thang.'

Here, there, and everywhere.

Delivery is through multiple channels (with geographically-localized sub-channels for countries and major metro areas).

These'll be progressively introduced, to include…

  • Honk #1: Short talk-clips and music.
  • Honk #2: Conventional format shows, with music during and between shows.
  • Honk #3: Conventional format shows, all-talk no music.

We've begun with a global variant of Honk #1… with a 24-7 format of short (up to a few minutes) talk-segments interspersed with music.

Temporarily running with no hosts, the 'play'-button is at the bottom-left of the browser window.

We'll add Honk #2/3 in Summer 2019, and thereafter begin to introduce the sub-channels.

Shows… »

Honk #1:  Player is temporarily offline.