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(But the dog didn't eat my homework.)

After yesterday's Note-flurry (three in a day), this is one to consolidate and move-on… so I can get back to building this business, rather than merely writing about it.

An entirely inconsequential thing I didn't realise when titling one of those Notes as 'Help!' (after The Beatles' single) and writing the follow-on 'How lucky can one guy get?', was that the b-side of that (Help!) record (anyone old enough to still remember 'records'?) was 'I'm Down'… which probably couldn't be a more-apt way to describe my current situation.

In many ways, 'Help!' and 'How lucky can one guy get?' appear to be unproductive whines. And maybe they are, although that's not my use-the-world-as-therapist intent.

They're included as part of being 'radically honest'… explanatory reasons, rather than 'dog ate my homework' excuses. An expression of how business can be 'human and messy'.

And yes, of course I'm aware that with what's here in Notes…

Most will ignore, and many will scoff.

But some won't, and a few will 'I get that' empathise… and among which there might be one with whom this resonates enough to make contact and say 'I can help, count me in.' And from there it builds.

That's a not-small part of why I write… and to me it's preferable to 'write a plan, go get investors'. Been there, done that… several times, with other projects.

Anyway, constructively moving on…

Despite my current 'down' it ain't all doom'n'gloom.

'Running on empty', although I'm personally hardly bursting with effervescing vitality, what's more important is…

The potential of this project, and quality of work-to-date.

That's a more-fitting consideration of something which is nonetheless still good despite my current temporary predicament.

'Good idea, wrapped in a half-assed presentation…', what's ideally needed now is a 'responsible adult' to anchor this… thus bolstering the diminished 'me' and reducing my workload, whilst more importantly helping to progress things which should have been done eons ago.

An additional benefit will be a better balance…

My 'raw, emotional' can be a genuine asset, but also a liability unless complemented by something/someone 'normal'.

If I can get such help, great.

And if not, then I'll struggle a bit longer and sort it myself.

As previously outlined, through a temporary revision in planned activity an effective way forward is relatively simple.


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