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Who's on #2.

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More about content.

To provide a variety of content (and there's no shortage of good stuff), the line-up of 'familiar names' we'll include content from-and/or-about* will be extensive (hundreds).

[*'From and/or about' includes interviews, reviews, reports, docu-style features, and audiobooks (voiced by the author and/or others).]


… Hear 'em on Honk.

The 'familiar names' will mostly be show-guests rather than hosts. So please don't be expecting 'The Richard Branson Show', because the schedules of such people (and the economics) make any such participation impractical.

And rather than professional anchors/presenters, most shows will be hosted by 'ordinary' business people.

('Ordinary' is more likely to include advisers/professional-type and b2b services than the local plumber or florist.)

But hosts won't simply 'turn up and do whatever the hell they want, chattering-away as if they own the place'. We'll work with them, providing the creative/tech/other resources to produce quality shows.

Part of the plan is to 'audiotize' (is that even a real word?) stuff which is currently text-only (including articles and blog-posts)… either restructured into an interview with the author, or spoken by them/pro-voice talent.

And there's already lots of good audio available on- and offline, some of which we'll acquire then edit and reuse appropriately.


  • #1: Obviously (because he's dead) we'll not be having Drucker sit down for an interview.

    So we'll do docu-style features about him (that's an 'about'), and include previously-recorded audio of his (that'll be a 'from'), and get some of his written stuff voiced (that's also a 'from').

  • #2: With somebody like Tom Peters (very much alive and kicking), we'll run similar docu-style features, previously-recorded audio, get some of his written stuff voiced, and likely some interviews (that's a 'from' too). Maybe he'll even have a show, too.

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