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Who's on #1.

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'Hosts, etcetera.'

Elsewhere we've outlined that rather than professional anchors/presenters, most shows will be hosted by 'ordinary' business people.

They'll pay a per-show fee, which isn't intended to be a profit source… and so we're keeping the charges low (just enough to cover production and airtime costs).

Yes, this is 'pay to play'… which is often horribly done simply as a means of getting revenue, and with little regard to program quality.

But that's not what we're doing. And if we were just trying to maximize revenue, we could provide an 'open mic' channel where hosts pay to do whatever the hell they want.

We won't.

Hosts will not be able to 'turn-up and chatter'.

We'll work with them, providing the creative and tech resources (including show segments) to produce the show, and advising accordingly.

These are modules, available to all hosts.

'They're not exclusive (restricted to a specific host)?' Neither is the music; it won't be a problem.

We'll also offer additional options.

  • Hosts supply a pre-recorded show, which we then edit-and-tidy (fix tech issues, insert ad-breaks, etcetera).
  • Hosts supply one or more show parts, to which we add appropriate additional content and then edit-and-tidy.
  • We script and produce the entire show, into which we 'inject' someone as host.

Some potential hosts won't want or be able to carry a whole show, so for them we'll provide a 'mini-show within a show' option whereby they have a shorter (1-5 minute) on-air period within a longer show.

We anticipate some hosts having a regular daily/weekly slot for a period, then rotated out of the schedule.

And maybe a few will have 'shorter shows, several times daily' rather than a single longer one.

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