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Warming up the band.

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How much can one guy do?

Waaaaay-back at the start, I touched-on the demo-tape nature and purpose of what's here initially…

In speaking about the site, I said 'Consider it a 'demo tape' interim conversation-opener prepared for prospective partners, associates, advertisers, listeners and anybody else who may be interested.'

Rough-shaping things as a base for further development is something I've continued longer than expected, extending into other aspects of the operation (including back-end tech, and other stuff which is beyond my core competence).

Townshend and McCartney often used to work-up demo versions of new songs… in which they'd play all the instruments and sing the vocals, then present to the band for re-recording.

These early versions were never intended to be permanent, their purpose was solely to provide a guide for further development. (Those links are to very different versions of 'Pinball Wizard'.)

'Some's ok, some's not…' what's currently here is a create-and-adjust work-in-progress, a functional base upon which to build by progressively deploying the talent of appropriate others. So yeah, it'll do for now but I'm not kidding myself it's good enough.

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