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May 2017

29  Uh-oh.
The price of progress?
04  Busy.
Work in progress, all ok.

April 2017

14  Let it grow.
(Let it blossom, let it flow.)
14  The non-launch.
When you start without telling anyone, is it still a launch?
11  Did they all die?
Dude, where's my update?

March 2017

28  Huh?
Developing in public.
28  Done.
'Oh yeah… we need a bit about that too.'
28  Ramble on.
Sing your song?
28  Searchin' low and high?
'Looked under chairs, looked under tables.' (No, not really.)
27  Time for a tidy.
Mustn't try harder?
27  Warming up the band.
How much can one guy do?
27  It stinks.
The essence of marketing?
27  Say what?
The speaking of things.
27  DIY.
The case for don't do it yourself.
24  Trade.
Mutual benefit.
24  Savvy.
'A cohort with whom to cahoot.'
24  There's work to be done.
You decide. Don't ask me.
24  You serious?
The self-organising team.
24  Us and them.
'Time is limited, don't waste it.'
23  Oh, that again...
23  We're only in it for the money?
A question of balance.
23  Waste.
Shorten the cycle.
23  Upfronts.
Advance payment.
23  Gift?
Anything free?
22  Dichotomy?
This, and that.
22  Or...
Let's make a deal?
22  Value
A word on pricing.
22  Ad deals.
22  15/30.
Honk #2 & 3 deals.
21  'Sell me an hour.'
Honk #1 deals.
21  Buy some, try some.
Er… there's stuff for sale.
21  10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5…
Commencing countdown, engines on.
21  Odds'n'ends: #3.
Stuff about ads.
21  Odds'n'ends: #2.
More stuff about shows. Etcetera.
20  Odds'n'ends: #1.
Stuff about shows.
20  More. And less.
A question of balance.
20  Honk #5.
All-music, no talk?
20  Who's on #2.
More about content.
20  Who's on #1.
'Hosts, etcetera.'
17  Thinking and wondering...
What's on your mind, g?
17  Got live if you want it.
(And we suggest you don't.)
17  Pieces.
Ingredients of success?
17  Progression.
This first, then that.
17  Variety.
Similar and different.
16  Multiplicity: 2.
Why so many channels.
16  Multiplicity: 1.
That many channels?
16  Hush.
Sonic branding.
16  Tunes.
That music.
16  Lots.
Turn on, tune in. Etcetera.
15  Feed me.
R-s-s baby—get it.
15  That's audio, this is radio.
The stuff which knits it together is vital.
15  Tagged.
What's with the name?
15  Skewed.
It's supposed to be like that (this?).
15  On the one hand...
Some measure of success.
14  Juice.
No squeezing.
14  Gonzo.
A little something for the non-conformist in us all.
14  Business?
Or 'enterprise'?…
14  Can you dig it?
We respect you. You trust us.
14  Green across the board.
'Yippee-ki-yay, m*****f*****!'
13  Mañana.
Not quite 'Green across the board, all systems go!'.
13  Ripe?
Thinking, and doing.
13  Beta?
So that's how we should have done it.
13  Money, honey.
Getting to there from here.
13  Fine line.
Nobody said it'd be easy.
10  Bubble.
10  Doable?
10  Bite.
Imaginary Shark Tank.
10  Pie.
10  Structure.
The shape of things, and how it all hangs together.
09  Who. And how.
People to do stuff.
09  Bizrunners.
Do it for me?
09  Dem bones.
The hip-bit is connected to… something-or-other.
09  Gazillion-watt light bulb?
I can see clearly now.
09  Two.
08  Quixote and Panza.
'How many to design/build/change a lightbulb?'
08  Few.
Things often don't require 'many'.
08  No particular place to go.
There's no 'there' there.
08  Zero.
Very few… none actually.
08  Bare.
Extreme outsourcing.
07  Someone to...
'All I need is a friend, someone to give me a helping hand.'
07  Where?
Leaving… so soon?
07  Cog.
Run it? You're kidding… right?
07  JOL.
07  I, me, mine.
Get your filthy hands off my enterprise?
06  'Run, rabbit run.'
Skating away (on the thin ice of the new day).
06  Dipped.
Should I stay, or should I go?
06  Lookin' back...
That was then.
06  Dollar, please.
Other peoples' money.
06  Next...
Re-boot yourself.
03  Walk this way...
Step right up.
03  Fishbowl => ocean.
Not a sea cruise.
03  Show me.
Working together.
03  Wouldn't it be nice...
What is and what should never be?
03  Join together?
A failed experiment in team-building.
02  Participants.
People to do stuff.
02  The search for Spock.
The co-founder thing.
02  C'est moi.
The nominative plural.
02  Limp.
'Rumors of my demise may not have been greatly exaggerated.'
02  Fuzzy.
01  Alone.
Welcome to the one-man show?
01  Simple. Understate.
Less of this, and none of that.
01  Remake, remodel.
Things change.
01  Info.
What, how, and why. Etcetera.
01  Roll.
And so we begin (again)…

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