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A word on pricing.

The 'show host' and advertise pages currently feature our introductory offers of simple deals at a significant discount.

As previously mentioned, we're keeping host fees low by charging just enough to cover production and airtime costs plus a tiny profit.

And just how good are they?

'Host your own show' packages on other radio stations are usually hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars, with significant minimum spends.

Even before discounts, we're charging less than 50 bucks a show (and just half-that for shorter ones), with just a $25 minimum spend.

Hell… we'll put you on almost every day for a month for just $250.

And at '15-seconds for $10 (just $5 with discounts)' our ad rate has a cpm (cost per thousand listens, which is how radio ads are measured and sold) of just 50 cents–$1.

That's maybe a fiftieth of what could be considered reasonable.

So yeah, they're very good value.

These prices are deliberately low—to sell the inventory quickly and easily without pressuring anyone.

And although it may seem daft to have such low prices, it's a good way to quickly get happy buyers and generate the money necessary to run the business.

To help kickstart take-up, we're simply not bothering to fully consider and recoup our costs.

So are these prices sustainable in the long-term? Maybe not.

But we're not out to fleece anyone, and will keep 'em as low as we can.

So, if you're considering having your own show or advertising on-air, do us both a favor and buy.

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