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Advance payment.

Although, as mentioned in 'Gift.?', I'm ok that we don't offer freebies, I'm less comfortable about requesting advance payments for those wanting shows on Honk #2 and #3.

But rather than any commercial consideration, such unease arises from my personality: I just don't like asking for money.

For years, I provided consulting on a 'pay what you consider appropriate' basis, rather than pre-set hourly/daily fees.

Were I running a Ferrari dealership, with waiting-list-only access to in-demand models, I might feel different.

Being sensible, the advance payment requirement is the way to go, and should be ok except in two circumstances:

  • 1 You don't have or can't spare the money.
  • 2 You don't trust us to deliver.

As previously explained, launching these channels requires an initial amount of content and hosts, neither of which is the work of a moment, hence the 'one-to-three months from now' launch schedule. And, as the content won't be cheap to produce, asking those who'll use it to contribute toward the cost is fair.

It's a straightforward exchange:

We offer discounted deals to those who're prepared to commit-and-pay early… then take the money and spend it on producing the show segments.

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