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The price of progress?

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Recently I've been observing how, despite progressive advances, much of society continues to be determined by 'white men in suits'… whether business or politics, often power-and-glory-oriented, pretending to be more than they are, swaggering their way to success through deceit and manipulation.

'It's sales…'? Yeah, it probably is.

Whatever happened to modest, dignified, and scrupulously fair?

Apple's continuing commercial advance (to apparently have become the world's most valuable corporation) reminds me of more humble beginnings with 'the two Steves'…

Content to leave the strategy and soldiering to 'the other one', Woz buried himself in the backroom, working diligently to quietly ensure there was something to be hyped and sold… a product actually worth buying.

And although Jobs rightly gets the glory, Wozniak's contribution, although lesser and relatively short-lived, is often unfairly disregarded.

As 'quick'n'dirty, minimum viable product' assume perhaps greater-than-deserved status, we often overlook the underlying long-and-hard initial work… almost disposing of it as 'the idea', something casually tagged as 'worthless'.

Maybe that's true. But, 'without Woz, Apple wouldn't exist'.

I neither know, nor care much about, the relative import of (or balance between) the two roles of 'inventor' and 'pitcher'. One (pitching) can't exist without the other. And the other (an idea developed into a viable product) is of course useless (though not worthless) alone.


Although both 'conceiving' and 'pitching' are roles which I've of-necessity (and sometimes contentedly) switched between during my life, with age I've moved away from cut-and-thrust… becoming progressively commercially weaker through so-doing.

In my sixties, that high-paying sales-job in my thirties is now just a distant memory and the money long-gone. (And I'm ok about it.)

But unless I'm to see-out my days in penurious obscurity (which doesn't bother me greatly, and is something with which I can easily live, and then die) I need to do something more about developing this venture.


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