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Time for a tidy.

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Mustn't try harder?

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'Ripe?' mentions how we could have launched earlier, but chose to delay until we had something better.

Not wishing to get into the 'minimum viable product versus good first impression' debate, I'll confine myself accordingly.

Part of the issue is prematurely working on longer-term requirements…

As an example: when multiple channels are active, adding and presenting the appropriate info becomes relatively complex… and I wanted to tackle this now whilst things are quiet, rather than revisit later when we're busy (and possibly have to undo prior work if we hadn't fully considered the longer term).

There's many other such examples which, although individually relatively minor, have together added considerably to the workload and time-to-complete.

Sometimes, what should have been relatively straightforward is anything-but. And as hours become days the amount of time invested in a particular thing should perhaps have been used elsewhere.

And, with no budget I've done it myself, and had to learn a lot of new stuff.

So, less-than-expert and with inadequate brainpower, diving into the innards of whatever-it-is often isn't a fill-your-heart-with-joy thing, but you do it because you must… it needs doing, and there's no one else to handle it.

So your approach it earnestly, figuring 'how difficult can this be, anyway?' and expect to use-up another hour-or-so of your dwindling lifespan in pursuit of something you'll probably never fully understand but should be able to hack-your-way-through and have something which works.

Then, by lunchtime you realise this'll take a bit longer and settle-in for what you hope won't be a too-long ride.

Sometimes you escape so lightly.

Other times though, you don't. So you carry on, thinking/hoping/wishing you're near a solution… just a little more… then… and…


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