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The non-launch.

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When you start without telling anyone, is it still a launch?

I was tempted to refer to that 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?' thing…

Then decided not to, because I read something about how Einstein lightly chided one of his egghead science buddies for suggesting 'the moon might not be real' and preferred his own far more sensible outlook of 'I like to think that moon is there even when I am not looking at it.'

So yeah, 'Hurrah Alby…' thanks for the common sense realism, rather than notional nonsense.

And probably…

If you stand in the middle of a busy road, eyes closed and back to the oncoming traffic, it'll still hurt like hell when that truck you're not looking at and can't see rolls right over you.

Anyway, enough of such stupidity…

I was recently asked 'What happens on 'day one'?'

My answer: 'We'll probably sell nothing, maybe no one will listen.'

And 'day two'? Much like day one, I imagine.

At some point though, things'll catch… a trickle will start, momentum will kick-in, and then we're off to the races. It won't be day one. Might not even be day 101. It'll happen, but I don't know and won't guess 'when'.

Not a fan of hoopla, I try to avoid stuff like formal launches… preferring instead to just quietly 'turn it on' and then put myself about and in so-doing pick-up small interest on which to progressively build.

There's probably a sensible case to be made for how 'launch fanfare' can be over-rated and counter-productive. Maybe.

I'm not criticising Apple iPhone-type tactics which encourage round-the-block queuing for midnight releases, but genuinely wonder whether it's preferable to, for example, Rolex simply putting a twelve-grand wristwatch into a store and knowing that it'll 'just sell'.

I've previously done ok by just getting my stuff up-together and placing where it'll likely be encountered. So that's what we're doing here.

Site's active, with music and talk playing for those who wander-in and, through curiosity or enjoyment, stay awhile.

So I guess we're live. Launched.

That was easy.
Now the harder bit begins.

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