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What's with the name?

I've been asked: 'How did you choose the name?'

My totally honest answer is…

'Guesswork, word-manipulation tools, extreme tiredness, my usual this'll-get-em-puzzling gonzo-ishness.'

I'm sure some will consider that response almost as daft as the name. Oh well, such is life.

In the however-many years I've been considering a 'business talk, great music, radio format' project, appropriate naming has been a big pain to me. And O'Leary has also spent more than five minutes thinking about it too.

Initially plumping for something normal, we tried a variety of sensible alternatives containing the word 'business' or a derivative thereof… all of which then became sidelined in favor of something seemingly totally off-the-wall, but which at least through inclusion of the word 'radio' nods toward being descriptive.

And the tagline of 'Talk good business. Play great music.' should avoid any ambiguity.

So, now we all know.

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