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'Honey... we blew up the website.'

News and updates about site issues.

We add stuff as it arises, and then remove it when no longer relevant.

Here's the current foul-ups, for which 'Sorry. Normal service (what'll break next?) will be resumed asap…


We're not currently sure how best to handle transitions between tracks.

Music-to-music is ok as-is.

And most talk-to-talk is ok, but in some the switch from one track to the next is less than ideal.

So we're experimenting with a fade-in/out of a few seconds background music (or maybe we'll try a 'swoosh'-type sound) to improve the transition.

This issue is more notable in instances where we've edited (to remove unwanted stuff) the start/end of talk-audio… which then starts/stops a tad abruptly.

Audio levels.

Loudness of various music/talk tracks currently varies more than it should.

Some stuff is a bit loud, some too quiet.

We're re-editing to fix this, but meantime are sorry for the screw-up.

No sound.

Some tracks play silent.

We recently noticed a few tracks playing silent, likely due to upload/server file corruption.

We've fixed what we're aware of, but if you notice any please tell us. Thanks.


A few times recently, when I've 'clicked-to-listen' things have been awry… chipmunk-type audio which then cuts transmission.

Fortunately, it was only Peter Jones rather than something important like JJ Cale.

The cause of such nonsense is invariably some form 'coding error'…

Checks and re-checks of the source audio show nothing amiss (the appropriate bit rates and kilohertz stuff all appear as they should be), and so I suspect 'server error' but haven't yet been able to sort it with our service provider.

So yes, I'm aware of it, but currently don't know how best to fix it.

Developing in public.

Site-updates are ongoing… things are being tried, tested, broken, fixed, shifted and generally mucked-around with.

Create-and-adjust… much of what's here isn't yet as good as we want it, but most is ok (and better to have onsite than not).

Various not-yet-ready test-pages may appear in search results and navigation links.

They're usually clearly marked with an appropriate 'this is a test page' message.

'Dude… where's my page?'

As part of relaunch we're currently adding and moving stuff.

While this continues, some pages may be unreachable… or look like they were designed by Picasso on crack-cocaine.

Having fixed other stuff, these are currently the only issues of which we're aware.

If you see something which doesn't seem right, please tell us. Thanks.

That's all for now. More as we get it.

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