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'Sell me an hour.'

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Honk #1 deals.

Now that Honk #1 is live, here's the deal for those wanting their own show on that channel…

The 'small-pieces-loosely-joined, clips and music' has a randomised playlist, which we'll chop-it into one-hour blocks, branded to a person/firm/theme, with appropriate idents/segueways/other talk.

Initially unhosted, we'll add hosts as they arrive.

The price is low… right now just $10-15 an hour.

Why so cheap? Because currently we've few listeners.

At that price it doesn't matter too much how few, because there's the kudos of having your own show… it's that 'Hear my show on Honk Radio' thing, which can be worked-into your own marketing and other activity and thus enhance your perception by others.

Next month that price will be higher, because we'll have more listeners. And as we become established, it'll progressively rise to whatever's fair (related to the number of listeners).

We're keen to keep the format almost as-is… simple and standard.

This way, it's easier for both of us, cheaper for you, and better for listeners. Fast too… you can be on-air the same day.

So customisation is minimal…

  • You'll get a show-host page/microsite.

  • Some 'you're listening to…[person/show name]' audio idents, for use at the start/end of the show and several points during it.

    We'll provide some free, and if you record your own we'll add-and-air them too.

  • If you want intro/outro music, we'll do that for whatever it costs us (we don't need or want to make a profit on that).

    A custom voice and some music will probably be $50 or less, and can be used on all your shows.

  • And, of course, you get one hour of airtime.

    There'll be some choice of time-slot… we'll try to balance first-come with ensuring scheduling that's fair to all.

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