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Say what?

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The speaking of things.

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One of the key outsourcing requirements here is of course voicework… for announcements, ads, and voicing of written articles.

I initially approached it some time ago, then paused because I wasn't able to easily find suitable voices… and after listening to a few demos it quickly becomes difficult to objectively assess.

My issue isn't that the work is poor. On the contrary, it's generally to a high standard. But it's not what I want.

My preference for stuff which sounds more like a conversation than a highly-rehearsed and polished piece is often the opposite of what's usually required.

Too many voices sound 'samey'… and even those which don't, still lack 'naturallness' (I'm not sure that's a proper word, but the meaning should be clear).

I want something which sounds like you're reading it to yourself in your head, or perhaps telling a friend over coffee. Instead, what's on offer is usually 'anything but', and is contrived with unnecessary and exaggerated variety/inflection/cadence for emphasis.

Apparently some people, when sourcing voice artists, specify 'no radio announcers'. So I'm clearly not the only one with this view. I'll add 'news anchors' to 'radio announcers'. And often, 'chat show hosts'.

Having just placed another listing to find freelance voicers, my workload this week includes listening to the submitted demos.

Before responding to all, even those which I can't use, I'll add this explanatory note to which I'll refer in my replies.

I want stuff that's loose and it’s natural-sounding, like a regular person in a normal (and heated, sad, frustrated, etc is ok) conversation, rather than the typical radio jock/news anchor/voice artist.

And, do your own thinking here, not all radio jocks/news anchors sound like the typical radio jock/news anchor anyway.


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