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Longer is ok, too.

The recent note about Honk #1 set me thinking about why programs on Honk #2/3 are of 15- and 30-minute length, rather than the 60-minutes of Honk #1.

And, after due consideration, there's no good reason not to expand them to 60-minutes.

The original (flawed) thinking was…

  • Honk Radio is of obvious interest to existing podcasters.
  • Podcasts are often 15-30 minutes.
  • Research suggests listeners often don't listen beyond 22 minutes, and prefer shorter (less than 16 minutes).
  • Honk #1 is unlike podcasts, with a different format, and for which longer shows seem appropriate.
  • As the likely effect of adding music is to maintain listener interest (by providing content-breaks) and enable longer listen-times, 30 minutes seems a sensible maximum length.

So, blame the idiot-strategist (me), for incomplete consideration, namely…

Rather than airing podcasts as-is (for existing podcasters), our main focus in a wider-ranging service (of interest beyond podcasters) is to produce original content (news, reviews, features, interviews with experts, etcetera), from which shows can be compiled by-or-for a host.

With that in mind, shows should have greater variety than typical podcasts… and with music, should maintain listener interest and thus, in fostering longer (more akin to conventional radio) listen-times, make 60-minute shows practical.

And, it's not unreasonable to consider that, depending on host and content-mix, 120-minute slots for Honk #1/2/3 could be a good thing.

Although this is, of course, a create-and-adjust thing… it helps to have some initial guide parameters in place.

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