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And so we begin (again)…

Although now October 2018, we originally began working on this in October 2012… but had to stop just a couple of months later.

And for much of the time since then, the project has been paused.

Why? I'll explain more in another note, but briefly… other business commitments and some ongoing health and personal issues have required much (and at times almost all) of my time-attention-energy, and thus significantly restricted availability for this project.

So it's been sporadic and part-time activity until I could work on it appropriately.

With difficulties and hindrances now resolved, we're back for a restart… and should be able to move ahead strongly and smoothly, without further interruption or delay.

Although I wish it hadn't happened, the delay has in many ways been beneficial…

It's brought a wider perspective and a clearer idea of just what to do to make things work, enabling much of the 'what next?' stuff to be tackled privately and without the pressure of deadlines.

So although waaaaaaaaay behind our initial schedule, we now have a much stronger offer.

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