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Right-o, let's go.

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Time to get on with this (again).

My radiotherapy treatment now (yesterday) having been completed, I'm again available to resume developing this venture (albeit with seriously-depleted energy levels, of 'about zero', for the next month-or-so whilst recovering).

So then, for this project it's 'game on'. Again.

I'd be kidding myself if I expected anything major to suddenly start happening.

Progress will likely initially be minor and slow, and I'm ok with that.

And, possibly relevant…

Gentle g?

Having elsewhere noted that I'm not particularly dynamic, focused, ambitious, assertive, etcetera…

If I wasn't already soft, the continuing effects of the cancer meds will make me so.

With my testosterone level of 'undetectable', expect things here to become (continue to be?) more romcom than Sly/Arnie action-fest hero-type-thing.

So then… rather than attention-grabbing headline and a strong CTA, expect the home page to be all-cushions-and-scented-candles.

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