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This first, then that.

This might be a good point to outline planned (ha!) development here.

  • 1 We're launching with Honk #1.
  • 2 Three-months-or-so down the road, we'll bring-on 'Honk #2 & #3'.
  • 3 Each begin as single global channels. When appropriate, we'll add the geographic (and business sector) sub-channels.

There's room for overlap in the above.

Initially (and perhaps never), we won't have a full 24 hours of different stuff each day, and will repeat some programs at different times in the daily/weekly schedule.

A 'listen later' option will provide on-demand listening of some/most already-broadcast material.

The live stream will include edits of some stuff which is only available in the on-demand section, with an accompanying message of 'the full version of that is available at…' which directs listeners to the on-demand program. We might even run a whole channel comprising such extracts.

For the global channels… timezone differences should ensure that for most of the time (probably 20-or-so hours of the 24 daily) somebody-somewhere (not just insomniacs) should be listening…

(As San Francisco is snuggling-down with cocoa, London is waking-up for the day.)

The localised sub-channels will likely have '12-or-so good hours a day' plus off-peak.

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