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'Let's switch this to that.'

One thing (apart from the gross ineptitude of the bloke behind this thing) that's delayed launch is the 'have your own show thing'.

Two relevant issues are…

1 Content. Production can be laborious, slow and expensive.

Requiring appropriate scripting, recording, and permission it's often not a quick process. And the cost can be considerable (beyond our currently paltry budget).

Longer-term there's no problem…

A show-host airtime fee of, for example $25-50/hour, multiplied by the broadcast hours per channel and number of channels, should when we're flowing provide $50k+ monthly for content production.

But right now, we don't have that money.

So, short of what we need to do the job, we have to adjust accordingly… building a reserve of content (enough hours to launch) more slowly than we'd like.

Additionally, show hosts need appropriate into/outro and segueway material, some of which will be own-voice generated by them and some produced by us. That's not difficult or costly, but takes time and can be slower than we'd like.

2 Tech. A degree of automation is sensible, to enable hosts to self-serve select appropriate content to compile their shows.

This requires software that we haven't yet completed.

It's similar to a store-and-cart…

Show what's available, with segment length rather than price, so that the 'add-to-show' function tallies the numbers and outputs the total playing time so hosts can adjust accordingly to fit within their 15/30/60 minute time-slot.

Additional complexities are to ensure that shows 'flow properly', both individually and as a whole, with an appropriate blend/contrast. Again, this isn't costly, but takes time and hence slows things more than we'd like.

And, of course, there's the pre-sale thing with the to-be-expected catch-22 situation of some potential hosts being unwilling to commit before launch.

With all this firmly in mind, we revised priorities… upgrading what was originally envisaged as just a temporary test format into a 'full' channel with which we launch…

'Honk #1'… a single global channel, with a format of short (no longer than five minutes) talk-segments interspersed with music.

That's a much easier option, and…

  • Gets us 'live, now!' in a way which enables listeners hosts/guests and advertisers to get a better idea of just what the hell this thing is about.
  • Provides something upon which we can progressively develop… initially unhosted, we can add hosts as they arrive, and subsequently offer greater personalisation.

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