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(1 minute read.)

Anything free?

Something about which I've thought long-and-hard is 'should we have a free offer?'

And I'm happy with my conclusion of 'no'.



(4 minute read.)

This, and that... that, and this.

Let's quickly clarify the alternative show-host deals mentioned in 'Let's make a deal?'.

Structured to appeal to a different type of potential buyer, they were originally conceived much earlier than the published date, since when our strategy changed.


Let's make a deal?

(2 minute read.)

In this style, 10/6.

The introductory deals on host- and ad-slots are very different than we originally planned.

For simplicity, we plumped for them in preference to what's outlined here.

Originally, the plan was…


We're only in it for the money?

(2 minute read.)

A question of balance.

Is there a case for show hosts to be paid?

As we've said before… yes, of course.

Certainly for those who have good content of their own, or an existing audience (which'll help build ours). And also those whose shows become popular and develop a regular audience.

It's something we'll introduce as soon as we can. (So if you're interested, let's speak.)


Feed me.

(3 minute read.)

R-s-s baby… get it.

Our 'updates' page outlines various options for keeping-up with what's going on here, making clear that we don't provide an email newsletter.

Why? Surely a newsletter is a good thing?


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