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'A cohort with whom to cahoot.'

Among my outsourcing requirements is this.

Someone suggested 'it sounds like what you're really looking for is a co-founder'. That's a logical view, and one I understand.

But no, I'm not. And I've already outlined that onsite.


There's work to be done.

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You decide. Don't ask me.

Let's briefly revisit 'You serious?', and consider initiative relative to the workload here, in the context of outsourcing to find people to handle it.

Overall, although wanting to stop-short of telling others what to do (because I want/need people who've the curiosity and smarts to figure it for themselves), there's enough scene-of-the-crime clues for someone to insert themselves appropriately.


You serious?

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The self-organising team.

When outsourcing, I look for more than just the competence to handle whatever the task is.

I value initiative.

As an example… if I have a tech requirement which crosses into complementary disciplines, rather than dealing with several suppliers I prefer to find someone who can handle it all by sub-contracting tasks to appropriate others.

That's how I provided business advice & support for many years… knowing enough to overview, and who to call (or how to find them) to then ensure that what needed to be done got done.


Us and them.

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'Time is limited, don't waste it.'

I hope this time, my outsourcing efforts are a better experience than before.

Much of what's here in 'notes' is to aid understanding for prospective associates, a read of which is a sensible first-step for anyone considering working on this project. So I was surprised and disappointed that many who previously applied clearly didn't bother to pre-equip themselves with some relevant info.


Oh, that again...

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It's fast approaching that time when my main task becomes outsourcing… finding people to do the real work, while I sit on my fat ass and pontificate (or, in bizspeak, 'strategise, monitor and guide').

As already outlined, previous outings to find-a-freelancer sites didn't exactly hit all the high-spots.


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