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'Explain almost everything…'

Snippets (97) about what we're doing (and the thinking behind it), with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

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'Come, all ye...'

(1 minute read.)

First, assemble your audience.

With enough pre-launch work complete (strategy duly considered, initial site in place, and various other stuff sorted), we can begin to build an audience.

How will we do that?



(1 minute read.)

Honk #2 & 3 deals.

'Money, honey.' explained how we'd fund initial development of Honk #2 and #3 channels by pre-sale of show-slots at a substantial discount.

And, with a 'you'll have to wait a bit' message, example options are included in stuff to buy.


Ad deals.

(1 minute read.)


'Money, honey.' explained how we'd fund initial development by pre-sale of ads at a substantial discount.

So let's get into the numbers, with a simple and inexpensive offer.



(1 minute read.)

A word on pricing.

The 'show host' and advertise pages currently feature our introductory offers of simple deals at a significant discount.

As previously mentioned, we're keeping host fees low by charging just enough to cover production and airtime costs plus a tiny profit.


'Sell me an hour.'

(1 minute read.)

Honk #1 deals.

Now that Honk #1 is live, here's the deal for those wanting their own show on that channel…

The 'small-pieces-loosely-joined, clips and music' has a randomised playlist, which we'll chop-it into one-hour blocks, branded to a person/firm/theme, with appropriate idents/segueways/other talk.


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