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Warming up the band.

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How much can one guy do?

Waaaaay-back at the start, I touched-on the demo-tape nature and purpose of what's here initially…

In speaking about the site, I said 'Consider it a 'demo tape' interim conversation-opener prepared for prospective partners, associates, advertisers, listeners and anybody else who may be interested.'


It stinks.

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The essence of marketing?

With age, I become more peaceful and peaceable. So 'rant' is something in which I rarely indulge.

But, as I've now learned by abstaining from alcohol longer than was probably necessary or wise, a little 'expressive outlet' can be healthy. So here's something from years ago, and about which I still feel strongly.


Say what?

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The speaking of things.

One of the key outsourcing requirements here is of course voicework… for announcements, ads, and voicing of written articles.

I initially approached it some time ago, then paused because I wasn't able to easily find suitable voices… and after listening to a few demos it quickly becomes difficult to objectively assess.

My issue isn't that the work is poor. On the contrary, it's generally to a high standard. But it's not what I want.



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The case for don't do it yourself.

Having earlier outlined how I want to get reassigned to free-floating background role within six months, that's a process which begins now with outsourcing.

I'm aware this could be considered unrealistic, amid suggestions of 'just wanting to get others to do the work for me'… but I know how easy it is to get locked into 'working for' the business, rather than working on it, and thus hindering development.



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Mutual benefit.

'Money, Honey.' outlines how, in bootstrapping this venture, we're expecting flexible payment arrangements with those whom we contact-in… including barter for airtime and deferred payment.

It's a big world, in which there's a lot of people doing the stuff we need done… it's straightforward, not particularly difficult, and among the many who can easily do it are those who'll be happy to collaborate in this way.

Being realistic rather than cynical, 'some will, some won't… next'.


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