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Simple. Understate.

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Less of this, and none of that.

We've deliberately chosen a simple site structure and layout… mostly text-based and with few graphics, to present relevant info without distraction.

Strictly no-frills, it's not too hideous. And with most of the words spelled correctly it'll do for now, although will clearly need some further work.

Meantime, consider it a 'demo tape' interim conversation-opener prepared for prospective partners, associates, advertisers, listeners and anybody else who may be interested.


Remake, remodel.

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Things change.

In the time this project has been back-burnered, the time-away hasn't been entirely wasted… work has continued intermittently and we've changed a lot of stuff.

With significant revisions to strategy and various other aspects of operation (host/ad packages, personnel/roles, etcetera), much of the on-site info had become irrelevant or inappropriate and thus potentially too confusing to leave onsite.



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What, how, and why. Etcetera.

With any business there's always useful-to-know things which don't get fully covered in the main flow, and for which another mention along with some elaboration and explanation is helpful.

And as our what-how-why isn't always business-as-usual, some additional clarification is probably wise.

So, with an informal tone, that's what we'll do here… adding detail and perspective to what we're doing.

Additionally, we'll anticipate potential questions and answer them before they're asked, along with mentioning other appropriate points.



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And so we begin (again)…

Although now March 2017, we originally began working on this in October 2012… but had to stop just a couple of months later.

And for much of the time since then, the project has been paused.

Why? I'll explain more in another note, but briefly… other business commitments and some ongoing health and personal issues have required much (and at times almost all) of my time-attention-energy, and thus significantly restricted availability for this project.

So it's been sporadic and part-time activity until I could work on it appropriately.


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