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'Explain almost everything…'

Snippets (77) about what we're doing (and the thinking behind it), with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

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Let it grow.

(2 minute read.)

(Let it blossom, let it flow.)

Upping-the-ante on the recent 'no launch', we're also unlikely to do much marketing.

Is that nuts? Probably.


The non-launch.

(2 minute read.)

When you start without telling anyone, is it still a launch?

I was tempted to refer to that 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?' thing…

Then decided not to, because I read something about how Einstein lightly chided one of his egghead science buddies for suggesting 'the moon might not be real' and preferred his own far more sensible outlook of 'I like to think that moon is there even when I am not looking at it.'


Yeah, well.

(1 minute read.)

It's not always headline-stuff which is important.

Continuing from the previous note, the point about 'building on personality' is hardly in accord with the oft-stated advice of 'readers don't care about you, they just want what's in it for them'.




(2 minute read.)

'...didn't have the nerve to say no.'

From the get-go I've been uneasy about the prominence of 'I' in this project.

That'll likely continue awhile, because I've never been comfortable with self-promotion…


It's personal.

(2 minute read.)

Here's a word not often used in business: 'intimate'.


Is he nuts? Yep. [That was never in doubt.]

Initmate: 'closely acquainted; familiar'.

Too much of commerce is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too dull.


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