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Developing in public.

'Good idea, wrapped in a half-assed presentation…', site-updates are ongoing… things are being tried, tested, broken, fixed, shifted and generally mucked-around with.

Various not-yet-ready test-pages may appear. And, temporarily removed for editing, some pages may be m-i-a.

So, expect some '404 not found' messages, and other crappery.

The site issues page has info on this and other relevant stuff.


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'Oh yeah… we need a bit about that too.'

With the recent flurry of notes, things should now settle down… I've finished editing and re-adding the previously-removed info that I wanted to get back onsite before we before begin to attract visitors.

Throughout, my guide has been 'Would knowing this help a prospective partner/associate, show host/guest, advertiser, listener, or anyone else who's interested?'


Ramble on.

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Sing your song?

Although, as the 'StartUp' podcast series shows, the process of building a business can be of legitimate interest, my execution here is seriously flawed.

I'm bothered that so much of what's here seems to be about me, but as the central proponent of a one-man-band I suppose that's inevitable.

Yes, there's a case for 'outlining of my vision' and explaining things, in a relevant and hopefully engaging manner which helps others to better understand and decide whether this is something of interest to them.

But there's also a point at which 'know more' becomes 'please, no more… just shut-the-hell-up' enough.

And I genuinely don't know where that balance is.


Searchin' low and high?

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'Looked under chairs, looked under tables.' (No, not really.)

It's fast-approaching a point where I need to resume outsourcing and bring-aboard appropriate talent.

A vital element of development here, it's no secret that my previous forays onto find-a-freelancer sites haven't been rampant successes… something for which I'm happy to accept full responsibility and all due blame, for perhaps naively expecting too much.


Time for a tidy.

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Mustn't try harder?

'Ripe?' mentions how we could have launched earlier, but chose to delay until we had something better.

Not wishing to get into the 'minimum viable product versus good first impression' debate, I'll confine myself accordingly.

Part of the issue is prematurely working on longer-term requirements…


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