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Let's focus firmly-forward, and consider how this business might develop.

There's two viable scenarios…


Someone to...

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'All I need is a friend, someone to give me a helping hand.'

Although no longer bothered about building a team, I'm still keen to find one good working partner… an appropriate individual to helm this business, a 'savvy head-honcho to set direction and watch over things', and thus release me.

Since the outset I've wanted someone to be a good #2 and do what I've often done for others (ride shotgun).



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Leaving… so soon?

As outlined in 'Cog.', my role in leading this venture is purely short-term, and I'm eventually headed for calmer waters (where I can genially dodder-around in the background, like an old fool should).

And, although no fan of imposed deadlines, I want to be reassigned within about six months.



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Run it? You're kidding… right?

The blurb on the 'who' page clearly explains where I fit in…

My role here? Use my experience, contacts and perspective to birth the thing and then provide appropriate guidance and other input in a non-frontline position.

I certainly don't want to be 'boss', and even if I did I couldn't do it properly. I don't have the temperament or skill.



(3 minute read.)

Move on.

'Alone.' outlined how, in seeking to build a founder-team, my foray into find-a-freelancer sites was a failed experiment.

With hindsight, perhaps it was always likely to be so… and is maybe something that would've worked better with an established rather than incipient business.


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