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Some measure of success.

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Since I first saw it, a post by John Jantsch has been nagging-away at me.

I think it's an important piece, probably a must-read (and there aren't too many of those) for anyone in business, and from which I'll quote…

For most businesses the primary measures of marketing success are more sales, more profits and greater brand recognition.

That seems like a pretty obvious, logical and healthy way to view marketing doesn’t it?

What if, however, the real goal was to build trust?

What if decisions were made with the best interest of the community first?

What if the ultimate measure was a committed customer?

If your ultimate objective is to create customers that are totally committed to your business, you’ll have to view your decisions with the best interest of your customer rather than what is often viewed as the best interest of your business…

Will this decision benefit the customer, or the business?

Sometimes 'this will cost us a bundle', but it’s the right thing to do.

JJ concludes with the wise point of how this'll almost always bring long-term benefits and create a loyal and committed customer who trusts you.

So yeah, it's a 'big' and very important post. One which I encourage everyone to read and consider.

We're already some way into the ethos it espouses, and it's been a timely reminder to venture further into such territory and prioritize 'customer' in ways that some will consider plain daft.


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