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Odds'n'ends: #3.

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Stuff about ads.

Following-on from the previous two notes, again in no particular order…

1 Ads #1.

All on-air ads will be simple.

They'll be dry-read (without music, sound effects or other production elements), and then minimally tweaked ('beautified').

The objective is 'natural and authentic', rather than trying to impress with creative-tech prowess.

And short…

Standard length is just 15 seconds.

That's enough time to convey a good no-bs message without sending listeners to sleep or reaching for the mute-button.

We'll probably run 'em two-at-a-time, on the hour and at 15, 30, 45 minutes past the hour.

2 Ads #2.

As well as normal 'this is my stuff, buy it' ads we'll also run 'shared' ads.


This'll work well for some services, particularly where differentiation is minimal or difficult… for example 'accounting'.

In such cases we can run a good 'hey, you need this stuff' message, explaining the need-for and benefits of , and send responses to a site/page featuring multiple providers of such services, from which the user can then choose.

Potential examples of services for which this can work well include, design, accounting, copywriting… etcetera.

The advantage to the advertiser is that we'll charge less, thus making it more affordable.

Will this work? Yep.

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