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Odds'n'ends: #2.

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More stuff about shows. Etcetera.

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Following-on from the previous note, again in no particular order…

1 Create-and-adjust.

With a lot of things we're not yet sure how it'll work, so we'll change as we go.

Expect some hideous foul-ups.

2 Voices #1.

It's obvious (and we're not trying to hide it) that some of the voices in our initial Honk#1 tests are synthesized.

Why? Expedience. It's easy, fast and cheaper than getting it voiced.

By using them, something can be tried at 6am and revised instantly… then scrapped by 8 if it's no good.

I or someone else can work-up a script for a show item or whatever, run it through the software, and then it's on air.

This helps improve flow, getting a feel for what works and what doesn't.

When appropriate, the piece can then be sent to be properly re-voiced by a human.

Some of these syn-voices are damn good, others bloody awful. We're experimenting.

3 Voices #2.

In sourcing pro voice talent I've become aware just how inappropriate a lot of it is to what we're doing.

Bluntly, too much of it sounds too slick and contrived… which isn't what we want.

Of course there's enough good 'uns, and we'll use 'em accordingly.

And with this, I'm keen to use 'normal people, who don't earn a living by speaking' and thus can sound more natural and authentic.

4 24 hours?

We'll always run a global channel, which may become a starting-point for the others.

And doing so has various advantages, among which is that it doesn't have peak and off-peak hours.


Assuming that most listeners do so at times between 6am and 10pm (thus covering early-risers and work-laters)…

When those in the UK are snuggling down under the covers, it's still afternoon in LA.

And by the time those West-Coasters have grabbed the hot chocolate, London is waking-up again.



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