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Odds'n'ends: #1.

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Stuff about shows.

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Here's some miscellaneous points that ought to be mentioned.

In no particular order…

1 On the Honk #2 channel, some shows might be talk-only, with no music.

If so, we may have an up-to-15-minute music interlude between shows.

2 Short shows.

Why 15- and 30-minute show slots? Because that's similar to the length of many podcasts.

In addition to the regular 15-and 30-minute slots, we'll also run shorter (1-5 minute) shows.

This'll help those potential hosts who won't want or be able to carry a whole show… for them we'll provide an option whereby they have a shorter airtime, either stand-alone or a 'mini-show within a show'.

3 Show segments.

Question: How much new content (news, reviews, features, interviews with experts, etcetera which hosts can include in their show) will we make available to hosts?

Answer: Don't know. It'll depend on various factors, which we can't properly assess just yet.

My guess is probably up to fifty hours-worth every week. That ought to be enough.

4 Repeats.

It's likely that our sensible hours will be 7am to 8pm. Maybe even 6am to 10pm.

Outside these times we'll probably run repeats.

We might even do a 12-hour thing… with the same show aired at similar am and pm slots… 'Hear my show on Tuesdays, at 8 and 8.' Yeah, maybe.

Hosts will pay a nominal fee for the repeat-slot airtime.

5 Weekends.

Our program schedule runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're always 'on'.

Monday to Friday will have a similar schedule. (For example, one-or-more hosts may have a daily show at a specific time.)

For weekends we'll do something different… we're not yet sure exactly what. Perhaps longer programs, with a more relaxed style.


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