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Multiplicity: 1.

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That many channels?

As you'll likely have read elsewhere onsite:

Delivery is through multiple channels, each with a distinct a distinct character and ratio of talk/music.

  • Honk #1: Talk-clips and music.
  • Honk #2: Programs, with music.
  • Honk #3: Programs, all-talk no music.

These'll include progressively introduced sub-channels localized for specific countries and metro areas, and/or oriented around a specific business niche.

So, at some point in the future, there may be something playing country music to a predominantly female audience in Azerbaijan. (Obviously, that's a totally fictitious and extremely unlikely example, but it shows the flexibility.)

The business sector-split will be limited… I can't think of many sensible sub-channels.

Something for ladies should work well.

And quite likely something for new (and yet-to-be) entrepreneurs.

But although there's likely viable possibilities, I can't think of anything else which might be sensible.

(Whatever we do are of course simply themed variants of 'develop an appropriate outlook and attitude'.)

The initial geo-split will have channels for each of US, UK, Canada, Australia. After that, we'll sub-divide further into appropriate major-metro areas.

'How many?' is where it gets interesting… and perhaps daft (but I'm sure it's not).

Globally, there's at least 50 viable geographic splits.

Sure, the audience for some will be smaller than others… but that's not really a problem, and can be an advantage in terms of helping to develop and sustain a strong 'localised' presence.

And if you split one channel to serve local markets, then why not split all (Honk #1, Honk #2, Honk #3) of 'em?

So, albeit at the risk of appearing to be delusional over-optimistic entrepreneur fantasy… 150, or more, channels?! Why not?

(Longer-term, it's a sensible basis for restructuring things with localised licensees.)

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