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Moving on...

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Where do we go from here?

I guess, in view of the various setbacks I've had, this project is now at a point where I could just quietly fold it… consider it a 'fail', and go do something else (or easier) instead.

[This isn't (or maybe it is) as daft as it might seem… as 'a starter rather than stayer, midwife not mother' my historical role is of catalyst rather than manager. I conceive and kickstart, then get out of the way.]

But I won't…

The idea is too good.

The potential too great.

(And besides, I want the likely financial rewards therefrom, to pass to an ex-missus and my kids.)

Overall, the work-to-date is a solid foundation upon which to build and, in terms of being ready-to-go what's here is more than good enough.

The weakness of course is the introverted ocd-pedant at the helm… specifically my dis-ease with 'much of business as it is commonly done', something which has never been a secret and hence my desire to relocate accordingly.

In some ways 'lonesome and a long way from home', in recent years I've drifted… progressively withdrawing from societal engagement in favor of a Thoreau/Walden-like introspection.

Metaphorically 'stopped running, placed the ball on the five-yard line, and walked-off the field', I've moved from a position of ongoing growth to one in which I've got-by with minimal earnings, assisted by savings, borrowing, family money and hand-outs.

In eschewing much of 'business as normal', my reason for not doing various things which would have been beneficial to this venture is of course 'I can't'.

And that's 'can't' as in 'won't'… there's much which I've previously done, and no longer want to.

There's an Orwell quote of 'Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.'

And another from Ogilvy: 'The consumer isn't a moron. She is your wife.'

I think they're a natural pairing, to be considered together in the context of just how hustle-hustle-hype much of commerce has become… cynically manipulative and greedy, rather than provision of something worthwhile for fair reward.

So, I've isolated myself. And, having changed so much (become a far more decent person than I used to be), maybe I genuinely don't know how best to take this business forward… other than to 'do what others are doing'.

But much of that seems to be 'shouty activity' and 'you brazen hussy!' shameless self-promotion with little-to-no regard for 'appropriateness'.

(And if that's the game now, it's one I certainly don't want to play.)

Bluntly, 'I can't market, and I'm not even sure what it is anymore.'

To me, an important element of 'marketing' should be 'spreading the word, honestly, respectfully and in a relatively-restrained hype-free manner.

And that's what I'll continue to do.

Sounds like a plan. (What could possibly go wrong?)

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