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Money, honey.

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Getting to there from here.

'Fine line.' outlined that we're not bothered that we don't have the cash to do this as we might have liked (lay-low, quietly get it all-up-together, then launch with a 'big! bang!') if we'd had… .

The issue isn't one of longer-term viability, but the potential difficulties in getting to launch.

Because we're bootstrapping and funding from revenue, we face very real (rather than simply 'potential') challenges, and which shouldn't be too-quickly discounted as simply obstacles to be overcome in a triumph-over-adversity affirmation.

Producing shows is expensive.

'How much?' is a question which can't easily be answered just yet. I have a good idea, but the variables are such that to quote a number here would be misleading.

Overall, it'll cost several-to-many thousands of dollars to produce the initial content.

And we don't yet have the money to cover it. (Right now, my personal rent and utilities are also looking a little dodgy too.)

Problem: With almost no money, we can't just hire the people to handle the initial work.

Solution: Build good relationships with appropriate others…

Those who're sufficiently wise-and adventurous to recognise the benefits of collaboration.

And through so-doing attract enough cash and/or barter to cover required tasks.

This'll include potential hosts, advertisers, and providers of various services, among whom…

Some show host and advertisers will be happy to pre-buy at an appropriately discounted rate.

Some service providers will be happy to either barter their services for show/ads airtime or accept deferred payment at an appropriately enhanced rate.

  • 1 Pre-sale of host slots and ads. Appropriately discounted.

    That this may seem naive isn't something I'll bother to defend here, as it's been done many times over many years by various high-profile radio/magazine/other launches.

    As 'selling this stuff' (albeit at proper rates) is how we'll make money when operating properly, it seems sensible to get straight into it. And let's not forget… pre-paid orders are often the basis of crowdfunding.

  • 2 Barter and payment-deferred (at an additional premium).

    Some services can be bartered for host slots and/or ads airtime, and thus not require cash outlay.

    Others can simply be paid later, so that, for example, month-one costs are covered from the combined revenue of months-one-and-two. Etcetera.

    Where appropriate, we'll seek and agree 'later and better' deals with service providers… in exchange for deferred payment they'll get higher than their normal rates.

    (Individual deals will of course vary, with likely parameters of 60-90 days and double-the-fee.)

    A few months down the road revenues become sufficiently healthy to catch-up and switch to timely payment.

    It's a good deal for all, although of course some will scoff 'you cannot be serious' and not want to participate. But enough happily will, and that's our focus. (There's such a surplus of people doing what we want, that there shouldn't be any difficulty in getting appropriate quality.)

So, 'two parties recognising each has something of value to the other, and exchanging accordingly', that's how.

'Whether realistic and practical, or merely hopelessly delusional' is your call, but I've done this with previous projects and for this one have been-there-thought-about-it long enough to be absolutely sure.

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