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Rush? Please, no... not here.

Clearly, we're allowing a generous and relaxed timeframe to get ourselves together. There's absolutely no rush, and we won't be hurried.

With the various delays this project has already had, that's probably wise. 'Urgent' left the building eons ago.

We want to be sure we've allowed enough time to get things right, rather than go off half-cocked.

Of course, this way we run the risk of becoming a 'me too' behind someone who may already be working on something similar… or simply having the idea swiped by someone who'll do it faster.

Oh well, such is life.

Honestly though, although 'OMG! what if someone does something similar?' has at times been a real worry, I'm now less-uptight about it and prefer to focus on what we can do rather than get distracted by what others might.

First-mover advantage is nice, but in this case it's not vital.

And if what we're planning is any good, then it's likely somebody else will at some point do something similar anyway.

Besides, I really don't think anyone else is likely to get there before us… at least not with what we have planned. Although 'talking about business', 'playing music', and 'radio' aren't new… the way in which we're combining them is sufficiently novel.

We've two phases of development…

  • 1 Develop interest among prospective partners and associates, show hosts/guests, and advertisers.
  • 2 Build an audience of listeners.

They're of course overlapping and ongoing, but #2 doesn't begin in earnest until after #1.

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