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Let it grow.

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(Let it blossom, let it flow.)

Upping-the-ante on the recent 'no launch', we're also unlikely to do much marketing.

Is that nuts? Probably.

Then why do it?

Rather than simply 'sell stuff, make money', we want to engage with others in a way that leads to the best (overall/long-term?) outcome for us both.

Sometimes that'll involve a purchase/sale. And sometimes it won't.

Let's be clear… although this is a commercial venture undertaken for profit, we're not trying to build a business, and certainly not a big one. Instead, though it may seem semantic nonsense, what we're trying to do is create something which (by being useful and enjoyable) will become popular.

And yes, in likely becoming profitable (and probably relatively sizeable), it'll have some business characteristics… but 'success' will be a natural consequence of doing something worthwhile well, rather than an objective.

Were I smarter, I might be able to make a case for the wisdom of this, by writing about 'organic growth'. But I'm a simple bloke, and will stick to what I know: more art than science.

But if we don't market, how will we grow?

…probably in a similar way to a six-year-old kid becoming seven, if fed and kept away from danger, it'll just happen… in its own way and time.

In many cases, 'marketing' (stuff to encourage people to buy what you're selling) is more 'pushy and salesy' than is healthy… with a result of often being relatively ineffective.

Various businesses have done well with no advertising, a principle which can be extended to marketing.

Rather than overtly 'here's our stuff, you should buy it' activity, we'll instead 'put ourselves about a bit'… networking in a natural and unforced manner will raise awareness of our what-why.

Through this, we'll gradually become increasingly known. And, as outlined in an earlier note, at some point things'll catch and then we're off to the races.

Not 'advanced tactics', there's no mystery about this, and it's not difficult.

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