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Time for a break.

Heading into 'the dark part of the year'… I'm about to pause (yes, again!) things here for a month-or-so and resume in January.

With Thanksgiving and Xmas etcetera festivities, year-end tends to be an inward-looking time in which 'let's talk about it after the holidays' is not conducive to starting new stuff.

And, on a personal note, I have to be absent dealing with medical issues.

I'm about to begin almost-daily blast-the-bejabbers-out-of-me radiation sessions until mid-January.

If it sorts the cancer, fine.
If not, that's ok too.

Perhaps I'll mutate into a superhero, or (more likely) giant spider.

We'll see.

And, if I glow in the dark it'll at least save on flashlight batteries.

The treatment sessions will take-up a considerable chunk of my available-for-work time, and not exactly be an aid to good thinking.

So, I'll leave things as-are for now and resume fresh when the festivities are done (and focus is more forward-looking) and I'm no longer getting nuked in hospital.

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