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No squeezing.

We previously mentioned how we want to build a decent business based on trust and respect, and that maximizing profit doesn't interest us.

We're not out to fleece anyone, and so will keep prices as low as we sensibly can.

We think we'll make enough money as a natural consequence of providing something good, rather than trying to exploit others and squeeze 'em for every penny we can get.

Two key elements to this are:

  • We'll keep show-host and ad rates low, thus increasing affordability for ordinary business people.
  • Programs will have less ads than is usual with radio, thereby providing a better listening experience.

Although it may seem daft, it's a good way to get happy customers and build a decent business with reasonable profits.

And, if anyone's wondering… our 'proper' profits should come from ad-sales to corporate-type businesses wanting to reach our audience… and hence buying their ads at realistic rates rather than the reduced rates we're currently offering to smaller businesses.

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