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Now might be a good time to mention O'Leary, and explain his role here.

Having been friends for several years, we've helped each other with various commercial things, and there's very good reasons to have him…

  • For starters, he's one of a relatively few who actually get the concept (and the oblique branding) and smile rather than just stare blankly or scoff 'well, that'll never work'.
  • He understands me. And, considering the often unconventional and sometimes iconoclastic manner in which I work, that's a useful thing to have here.
  • Daft though it may seem, that he's 'American, full set of names, good track record, genial' is a strong reassurance to those who're disturbed by my 'abrasive, mercurial, Brit'-ness.
  • And, of course (despite his self-deprecating put-downs), he's more than competent.

Skilled in ways I'm not, he also has a lot of corporate experience… a valuable contrast to my mainly small-to-medium enterprise background.

Hence I'm relying on his input to help appropriately guide things, and also bring a moderating presence which balances my tendency to be, in his words… waaaaaaaaaay-too f**kin' gonzo.

Currently fully occupied on his 'Business Lessons from Rock' book, he's here solely in an advisory role (and doesn't dirty his hands with day-to-day work, or have to share blame when I screw-up).

This may of course change as we develop, although I'm sure he'd be happy to 'just come on-air to talk and play some music'.

He'll certainly have a strong 'voice of station' presence, hosting shows, linking announcements, etcetera. (I'll be happy to never be heard.)

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