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Is anybody alive in here?

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'Cut me loose, or hand me a noose?'

Having now caught up with the reworking of Notes, there'll now be a few-weeks break… during which I've no plans to add anything new.

I've some tech stuff to sort, and among other things on which I might care to focus is 'regain perspective' with which to go forward.

Fortunately, such has been the snail-pace of this project that an absence of Notes updates at this point will be of no significance.

Still 'under the radar' (dumb cliche)… nought has been done to publicise what's here, and so nobody'll be inconvenienced.

And, for the seventeen-or-so people who've by-chance wandered-in-off-the-internet, the live stream is still pumping-out decent stuff.

(And, as I noticed a day-or-so ago, an expletive-laden version of 'Scooby Snacks', which I clearly inadvertently loaded and will replace with the clean variant.)

(There's also an alternative 'Brown Sugar', notably diminished from the more familiar version, so I'll sort that too.)

If I actually cared more than a smidge about what anyone thought, and just how ridiculous the way in which I'm handling this genuinely is, I might be really bothered.

But, I don't and I'm not—and as an illustration of which…

Right now, I'm more concerned about locating my favourite blue beanie… misplaced beyond my efforts thus-far to locate.

Often absent minded, I half-expected to find it cooling in the fridge (and with a six-pack of yoghurt rotting in my courier bag). But that's not the case, and I'm wondering where to look next.

Luckily, I have a spare… fully-functional apparel, though with far-less 'comfort blanket' value.


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