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I, me, mine.

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Get your filthy hands off my enterprise?

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Having earlier mentioned this venture isn't a team-thing, some clarification will be useful.

So far, I've decided things. And it'll likely stay that way.

The seemingly-arrogant reality is that longer-term much of what happens here will be 'what I want done, the way I want it done'. (Or, more diplomatically: 'likely continue to be guided by my initial and ongoing what-why-how'.)

But please don't think that I'm intending to 'position myself center-stage, and rule like a king'. Quite the opposite. I've absolutely no desire for a corner office with a big shiny desk and a door marked 'boss'.

Although I'll head-things for now, when practicable I'll move to a background role, and engage somebody else to monitor and manage things.

As 'corporate numen and company gopher', one of my main responsibilities is to lay guidelines which get (and keep) this thing working as intended.

And, arrogantly-or-not, with a reasonably informed viewpoint and knowledge of what needs to be done (I think), I'm open-to but not particularly seeking feedback and advice.

To dispel any ambiguity…

In my consulting work I've often seen good things wrecked by strong-willed owners refusing good counsel. And I've also seen similar problems when too much weight is placed on the views of others.

So a savvy and strong-willed founder in a lead-role can be a good thing. And that's what I'm doing, for now.

Rather than 'capricious whims', I'm talking about a pragmatic and practical strategy to execute sensibly-considered ideas and ideals.


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