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Honk #5.

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All-music, no talk?

Among options considered but not implemented is Honk #5… a music-only channel.

Almost an afterthought, it has potential. It's relatively little extra work to produce, and could be a fun addition… providing a good end-of-day switch-off-and-relax.

And, 'you can tell a lot about a person by their playlist'… it could be worthwhile for hosts on Honk #1-3, an outlet for something more personal, with just music of their choice.

(And yes, I know the channel numbering skips a beat… Honk #4 is absent, probably to be used for something I can't currently remember, or perhaps never even considered.)

A further option is to have such a channel unhosted… sometimes it's nice to just have music without a squawking human voice.

(Although just how much we can differentiate it from being 'just another internet jukebox' is something we don't know. Maybe it doesn't need to be different.)

Will either happen? We'll see.

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