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Fine line.

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Nobody said it'd be easy.

There's an old quote from Anita Roddick that I often think of, and which is probably highly relevant to what we're doing here…

There is a fine line between the delinquent mind of an entrepreneur and that of a crazy person.

Hhhmmm… I'll explain.

Having been building businesses since the late '70s, I've well-aware that start-ups are rarely easy.

And that's perhaps moreso with this project… where the nature of the work is relatively complex and expensive, and for which we don't yet have adequate financial resources.

Of course, money with which to pay for the stuff we need in order to grow is essential. But as explained in another note, we can get that from revenue, and so our focus is on building the business rather than selling some of it or incurring the needless costs of an unnecessary loan.

So yeah… currently our available money is 'nil'. Literally.

And I'm honestly not joking about that. There isn't even a moderate war chest of thirty-forty grand. (Hell, 'five' would be a luxury.)

When we originally began in October 2012, there was a small amount available for essential initial expenses, but that's long-since been wiped-out by rent/food and other living costs (plus some more guitars, but that's another story).

Entirely seriously, there is no money. We're operating on literally no more than the average person carries around in their wallet.

And, for what we're trying to do, that's not 'enterprising or adventurous'. It's simply stupid.

I'm sure that if you look through any of those 'ten businesses you can start with just a little money' lists, none of 'em will suggest anything like this.

But lack of money isn't a significant problem; it's almost always how I've started-and-grown businesses.

Being short of the necessary resources with which to 'go fully live, straight away'… we had a choice of 'do we hold back, write a pitch, and then go find the funding?', or 'hell, let's just get on with it a bit slower and gather what we need along the way'.

Clearly, what appears to be 'impatience' (it wasn't) won, and we're going with the latter option. Time will tell if this has been wise, but it's too late to stop now.

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