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'Oh yeah… we need a bit about that too.'

With this note, I've finished editing and re-adding the previously-removed info that I wanted to get back onsite before we before begin to attract visitors.

Throughout, my guide has been 'Would knowing this help a prospective partner/associate, show host/guest, advertiser, listener, or anyone else who's interested?'

In compressing what had been written during a couple of years-or-so into a much shorter period, it doesn't flow-and-pause as it originally did.

And I've of course had to change the 'posted on' dates to the 'reworked' rather than original time-of-publishing.

Likely it's not all relevant, and perhaps inappropriately raises and/or labors relatively inconsequential issues. I've probably also overlooked something pertinent.

There's still stuff on my hard-drive which ought to have been here… and if it was it'd be useful because it could be found-and-read.

And I'm not happy with much of these notes. Some parts are poorly written, and it all needs a good edit.

But it'll do for now. (If you've questions, ask).

I can now return to getting on with the proper work of building this business, rather than simply writing about it through these narration notes.

Continuing the narrative is important, so there'll always be more to add… though in a thoroughly more-reasonable manner of perhaps just one-or-twice a week.

In a perfect world (and sensible start-ups), there'd be someone other than me to write this stuff. That there isn't, is something I need to sort, because this part of the site is important.

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