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Dollar, please.

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Other peoples' money.

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In tieing-off loose ends on pre-development activity, there's two other things we didn't do and which are probably worth a quick mention.

  • Investors.
  • Crowdfunding.

Because we don't need the money, we aren't looking for investors.

Of course, money with which to pay for the stuff we need in order to grow is essential. But we can get that from revenue, and so our focus is on building the business rather than selling some of it.

And an early deal wouldn't be good for us because the valuation would be low… and hence to get a decent amount of cash would likely require the allocation of more equity than I want to release.

For ongoing development, as we become established and our value increases, we're open to appropriate deals, but the numbers will have to be right.

And, just so's nobody gets the wrong idea: no offer is being made to or solicited from anyone reading this.


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