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Did they all die?

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Dude, where's my update?

With no new notes in over two weeks, things here are seemingly in danger of becoming neglected… like a lost lifeboat cast out upon the cruel sea, or last year's hot little evening dress which now lies forlorn toward the rear of the closet along with that god-awful Hawaiian shirt he insisted on buying.

And I'm sorry about that.

Rather than spin some nonsense about 'being busy with other aspects of the operation, and amid too many other calls on my time and energy, there just aren't the hours to do it all nor the creative ability to properly narrate things here', the truth is tediously dull… I've been ill, and unable to work properly.

For reasons best not elaborated-upon, yesterday was the first time in two-weeks that I've been able to sit (previously too painful), and having to lie on your side tends to be an impediment to productivity.

This isn't fatal: our current audience is 'about, zero, anyway' as we've not yet begun to publicize what we're doing.

More-regular updates should recommence next week.

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