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Did they all die?

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Is anybody alive in here?

With no new notes in over a month, things are seemingly in danger of becoming neglected…

Like a lost lifeboat cast out upon the cruel sea, or last year's hot little evening dress which now lies forlorn toward the rear of the closet along with that god-awful Hawaiian shirt he insisted on buying.

Perhaps we've been victims of alien abduction?

Sadly, not. The reality is mundane…

'Busy with other aspects of the operation, and amid too many other calls on my time and energy, there just aren't the hours to do it all nor the creative ability to properly narrate things here.'

And it'd be misleadingly remiss of me to not mention that I'm still drained after recent treatment.

This lack of 'haphazard ramblings of a lunatic' updates isn't fatal: in these early days our current audience is 'about, zero, anyway' as we've not yet begun to publicize what we're doing.

More importantly, the live stream is pumping-out decent stuff.

No cause for alarm… 'absence, explained' will likely continue for the next month-or-two.

So yeah, 'still alive, beavering away'. Rock on. (Or not.)

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