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Let's quickly clarify the alternative show-host deals mentioned in 'Let's make a deal?'.

Structured to appeal to a different type of potential buyer, they were originally conceived much earlier than the published date, since when our strategy changed.

Prior to providing the show segments currently available, our offer was more basic, with these options:

  • You supply a pre-recorded show, which we then edit-and-tidy (fix tech issues, insert ad-breaks, etcetera).
  • You supply one or more show segments, to which we add appropriate additional content and then edit-and-tidy.
  • We script and produce almost the entire show, into which we inject you as host.

There's some unavoidable vagueness, because there's so many variables… show length, time of broadcast, amount of production we have to do, etcetera.

The parallel here is car-pricing… where the final cost is dependent on which options are chosen.

Although those options are still available… since then, to increase appeal, we've radically simplified things.

We provide professionally-voiced show segments (news, reviews, features, interviews with experts, etcetera), from which you can (if you want) choose and compile your show by adding appropriate linking voice-overs and other content of your own.

This makes it a hell of a lot easier to become a host.

And with current pricing, we're simply not bothering to fully consider and recoup our costs.

Instead, the basis is simple: 'What's a figure that'll be popular, and so help kickstart take-up?'

The stated pricing is 'guesstimated' at break-even.

We've also standardized the show-length, and we'll handle the scheduling rather than providing specific time-slots.

It's all 'guaranteed', so everybody should be happy…

And, in the extremely unlikely event that you're not satisfied, we'll provide an instant and full refund.

And although the one-size-fits-all approach isn't ideal, it's the sensible way to get started.


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