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'Come, all ye...'

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First, assemble your audience.

With enough pre-launch work complete (strategy duly considered, initial site in place, and various other stuff sorted), we can begin to build an audience.

How will we do that?

Primarily through utilising other peoples' networks.

As a reclusive introvert, I don't have a network with which to get started.

And, rather than advertise (impractical and expensive), or building a few-at-a-time through social media, we'll do mutually-beneficial deals with appropriate others who have an existing reach… maybe a business adviser, web designer, etcetera.

Through bartering our airtime… 'we'll give you show- or ad-slots, and you mention us in your blog/social activity etcetera'… we'll build a viable audience.

Effective with those who may only have a relatively small reach (perhaps as few as dozens, rather than thousands), it's good-for-all in that we not only get some of 'their' audience but 'they' also (through on-air exposure) reach the audience of 'others'.

A poorly-explained 'goes-round, comes-round' thing, in the above example the business adviser will reach those introduced by the web designer who in turn will reach those introduced by the business adviser.

So, if you're reading this and have an existing network, however small… let's work-out something which helps us both, and without money changing hands.

In terms of 'who gets what' I've nothing fixed in mind, so in a default-to-yes thing 'tell me what you want and if I can I'll agree'.

This should reduce the potential problem of 'can't get paying hosts without an audience'.

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