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Life does stuff to ya.

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The health issues of recent months lead me to consider just what I want to do with what remains of my to-be-prematurely-shortened life…

Do I want to continue to build this relatively complex project into a more complex business? Or instead do something simpler, perhaps return to my advice-and-support roots?

Hell… perchance a grand adventure might be a good thing?

Yes, maybe. But no.

Although the idea of a 'pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, everyone goes…' 'Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show'-type frolic might be of whimsical fleeting interest, such gadding-around isn't high on any bucket-list I might care to conceive.

[Other salvation shows are of course available.]

And (purely as an aside) who says, rather than gather in a sit-down-in-a-building event, you can't take business advice & support [my core activity for many years] on the road, in a tour-type scenario?

You simply bundle appropriate individuals into a big bus and hit-the-road, with others leaving-and-joining along-the-way.

(Bob D's Rolling Thunder Revue comes to mind as being at-least slightly relevant.)

Could be a gas… sounds like a plan. What could possibly go wrong. 'Winner, chicken dinner, etcetera.'

So yeah, 'Hallelujah!' and all that.

One thing's for sure, though:

I don't want to do any more of the 'trying to tone-down, be acceptable, fit-in, go-along-to-get-along nonsense' which in recent years has impeded (and at times crippled) my commercial flow and brought considerable personal dis-satisfaction.

Rather than continue to operate in a relatively prosaic [commonplace, unromantic] way which just isn't natural to me, it's time for…

A re-exploration/discovery/deployment of the Hunter-esque characteristics which years ago began to unwittingly (and to me, unwillingly) build a following before I decided it was too uncomfortable and retreated to a quieter life of obscurity.

For those to whom such stuff might be uncomfortable, I offer entirely genuinely well-intentioned encouragement.

Woo-hoo! What's the words? Oh yeah… sounds like a plan. What could possibly go wrong. 'Winner, chicken dinner, etcetera.'

While to some this might seem flippant and capricious, it's anything but:

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