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Any fule kno.

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Clearly Honk Radio ain't of interest to most businesses.

We've previously been open about how 'most shows will be hosted by 'ordinary' business people, and that…

'Ordinary' is more likely to include advisers/professional-type and b2b services than the local plumber or florist.

But that don't exclude 'em.

Odd though it may seem, hosting a show is applicable to almost any business…

To be honest, I can't think of an example of a type of business for which this wouldn't be appropriate.


Why would anyone host?

Same reason they'd buy on-air ads.

(To get attention, and potential sales.)

And, while our audience will of course be business-oriented, let's not forget 'we're all people'…

And so it'd be short-sighted to consider that only b2b products/services are appropriate.

My answer to anyone (whether they be accountants, florists, or plumbers) asking 'Why would I want to host a show giving business advice?', is an unambiguous…

Bluntly… it's a way of getting attention, having your message heard and reaching people who may buy your stuff.


Why would anyone listen?

Same reason they'd read Seth Godin or Inc magazine.

(Probably both of which will be unfamiliar to many, but nonetheless have millions of readers.)

And, my reason for this note isn't to be 'slick and salesy', but to clarify a legit issue.

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