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Another day, another delay.

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Here we go again... (or not).

Previous notes have mentioned various delays here.

At times, because it's been so damn long since I originally began working on it, I wonder if this project might be cursed…

Then I tell myself: 'Of course not g, it's just your own sh*tty karma.'

As advised to someone…

Continuing personal heath/family issues have required much of my time/energy.

Although all relatively minor stuff… when it continues as long as it has, things which would ordinarily have been trivial and easily handled have a more significant effect and ability to bounce-back becomes diminished.

'Too far-in to turn back…' I ain't givin' up though. Far from it.

Reading 'Bite.' reminds me why.

And, 'good fortune from adverse circumstances', a revision of strategy and workload this might actually help sensible/practical development.

Honk#1 is easy, it's Honk#2/#3 which are harder to develop… requiring mental/physical energy (and money) I currently just don't have.

So, I'll slow the development schedule… put #2 and #3 on a back-burner awhile until I'm better-able to handle 'em.

Of course, an option would be to simply 'fill' em with existing podcasts…

That's something I'm reluctant to do because the majority of podcasts, as-is, aren't suitable without an appropriate edit/restructure.

And that's too much to do right now.

Honk#1 works well, even with no hosts. So I'll focus on that.

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