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Welcome to the one-man show?

Seemingly (and perhaps genuinely) unwisely, this isn't a team-thing.

Although that may change, right now 'we' is 'I'. There's no co-founders, or team.

When I initially began this venture, I'd firmly intended to build a conventional team… and have put considerable time-and-effort into finding appropriate others.

As a consequence of this (an illuminating, though less-than-ideal experience, and which I'll outline in another note) I've reconsidered things.

It's not that I'm being sweepingly-arrogant in thinking I can do this alone: I can't. (And it'd be naively daft to even imagine I could.)

But, with the exception of one person with whom to work closely, all other tasks can be outsourced.

I'm of course aware of the view (and statistical evidence) that 'ops with more than a single founder enjoy greater success'.

And, having considered things at-length and in-depth, I'm happy to go it alone… a decision which isn't as silly as some might think.

It has advantages which might outweigh any downsides. We'll see.

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